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Looking for a reliable and trustworthy part-time maid in Kepong? You’ve come to the right place! We have a team of part time maid from Kepong who are ready to assist with yoru cleaning needs.
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Professional Part Time Maid in Kepong

We have a team of highly experienced part time maids in Kepong, who are professionally trained and certified to provide the best quality of cleaning services.

At Ultra Cleaning Kepong, our team is bonded and insured, so you can trust that your belongings are handled with full guarantee of safety.

We maintain high standard of hygiene in all the cleaning assignments to give the clients a peace of mind.

Our quality part time maids strictly adhere to customer satisfaction policies and ensures that your property is neat and spotless consistently.

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Reasons To Choose Our Part Time Maid

At Ultra Cleaning Kepong, we strive to ensure our customers get quality and reliable maid services. Our part time maids are highly trained in all aspects of cleaning and they are trusted to do your home cleaning works safely and thoroughly. Reasons to choose Ultra Cleaning Kepong:

Trained Maids​

Our part time maids had undergone stringent training pre-employment and on the job training. They will understand what is required to keep your home clean, tidy & safe all the time.

Affordable Price

We offer a variety of packages for our part time maid service, allowing our customers to find the one that is most suitable for their own budget and requirements.​

Good Customer Service

We make sure that all of our part-time maids are friendly and courteous towards their clients at all times.​

How To Book Our Part Time Maid Service

Our part time maid in Kepong is here to help make your life easier. With our extensive range of trained and experienced part time maids, you can have the peace-of-mind knowing your home will be tidied up as you wish.

So here’s how it works:

Get a Quote

Getting your home clean and tidy should never have to be a hassle! All you have to do is give us a call or email us directly with information on exactly what cleaning duties you would like completed.​


We offer flexible scheduling options and each customer can arrange their services according to their own needs. You can choose from one-time services or monthly options depending on the size of your home.​

Let Our Maids To Do The Cleaning Job​

Our part time maids are experienced and highly trained professionals who do not compromise on quality or standards of cleanliness. We use only high quality products that are safe for your family’s health as well as the environment.​

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What Our Customers Say About Our Part Time Maid Cleaning

At Ultra Cleaning Kepong, we strive to provide the highest quality home maid cleaning service to all our valued customers. Our professional part time maids are experienced and well-trained. We offer flexible hours and great value packages tailored to meet your individual needs.

To give you a better idea of the level of maid services we provide, here are a few reviews we have received from some of our loyal customers:

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The team at Ultra Cleaning Kepong did such an amazing job at my house! My home was so clean after they finished and they went above and beyond what I expected. Definitely recommend them for any cleaning needs you may have.
Sarah Lee
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The team at Ultra Cleaning Kepong did such an amazing job at my house! My home was so clean after they finished and they went above and beyond what I expected. Definitely recommend them for any cleaning needs you may have.

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Hiring a part time maid can be beneficial for those who are seeking a reliable yet cost-efficient and convenient cleaning service.

Here are some advantages of hiring a part time maid for cleaning:

  1. Cost-efficiency: Cleaning is an expensive service to hire and having a full-time domestic helper or even a professional cleaning company can be too costly for some households. With part time maids, you can choose to hire them based on how often you need them so that it suits your budget better.

  2. Reliability: A reputable part time maid is licensed and trained, so you do not have to worry about trusting strangers with your belongings or worrying if they turn up late with poor cleaning results, as they deliver exceptional work every visit!

  3. Convenience: Because you have the freedom of selecting what services are required when hiring a part time maid, this means that all the tedious chores, such as dusting and mopping floors that take long hours, can soon be completed within no time at all by an expert cleaner!
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Contact Our Part Time Maid in Kepong

Our part time maids specialize in deep cleaning and regular cleaning tasks such as dusting, moping, scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming carpets and rugs, washing windows, polishing furniture and many more.
These services can be tailored according to the size of the area you want to be cleaned.

Contact us today and get quality part time maid services at affordable prices!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Part Time Maid Services

Are you considering a part-time maid for your home? You’re not alone. Many people are discovering the benefits of hiring part-time cleaning services. Ultra Cleaning Kepong provides comprehensive and reliable solutions to help keep your property clean and organized. As a result, we’ve created this frequently asked questions section about our part time maid services to answer some of your most pressing concerns.

Our part-time maids provide a range of services, including general cleaning, laundry, ironing, dishwashing, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and organizing. If you have specific requirements, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Yes, all our part-time maids undergo a thorough training program and have prior experience in the field. We also conduct background checks and reference checks to ensure the quality and reliability of our staff.

Our price for part time maids in Kepong depend on the services you require, the frequency of visits, and the size of your property. We offer competitive and transparent pricing, which will be provided upon request. You can contact us for a personalized quote.

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